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Moreover, we identified 51 putative novel, retina-specific mi RNAs and experimentally validated the expression for nine of them.

1778 Stories of Me and Wife (2011) [zdzdz - shinostarr] 21.

20th Century Boys The Last Chapter Our Flag (2009) [Gi NJi] 39. 24 City / Er shi si cheng ji (2008) [Ganarloda] 41.

A well-illustrated 33-page booklet on the Alfa Romeo Montreal was published by De Agostini in the series "100 Anni di Italia in Automobile".

In addition to an article on the Montreal "Vera opera d'arte" (A True Work of Art), the publication contains a brief review of some of the events of 1973 and a very short biography of the Montreal's mechanical design engineer, the late Giuseppe Busso.