Who is hannah tointon dating

28 Oct

“I knew every line off by heart and was ready to jump on the stage at any moment to take over if necessary.”Neither sister went to drama school and Kara admits they more or less fell into acting, first as a hobby and then as a passion.“It was never a career choice for either of us,” she says. It feels like it’s always been a part of our lives without us really knowing it.” Appearing as a schoolgirl extra in East Enders at the age of 11, Kara then landed the part of Dawn Swann in 2005.

She eventually left the soap after appearing in more than 300 episodes.

This eigh-part series took us on an epic romp around the globe in search of lost treasure and priceless artefacts.

the first commission from our new factual division, was broadcast on Channel 5 last winter.

And Kara reveals that as a child, she would talk on behalf of her little sister.“Someone would ask Hannah if she was all right and she’d open her mouth to speak, but I’d say, ‘Yes she’s fine.’ Which was a bad thing because she didn’t get to talk, although of course I thought I was doing her a favour,” she says. Hannah says she now feels sorry for their parents Ken and Carol and their grandmother, who were the sisters’ audience.“I was about six and Kara was 10, and we’d dress up as the Spice Girls and make music videos.

We’d also put on puppet shows with this little theatre we had,” she says.“Oh yes,” remembers Kara, 31.

This daring and innovative series was a unique, frank and intimate insight into the truth of life serving and surviving in the SAS.a 90' drama written by our very own Tony Jordan and produced by BBC Studios in association with Red Planet Pictures.

This one-off special tells the heart-warming story of national treasure Dame Barbara Windsor, the cockney kid with a dazzling smile and talent to match.

Tointon is best known for her appearance on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks.

“We used to force Mum and Dad and whoever was around to watch, however boring it was, poor things, and we used to do funny adverts.

We have always loved doing impressions.“I would make up lots of different singing and dancing routines.

Red Planet Pictures is a dynamic and truly independent TV production company.

Founded by renowned showrunner Tony Jordan, we have creativity at our core, and are currently building on our growing success in drama with the recent launch of a factual division.series six hit our TV screens on Thursday 5th January at 9pm.