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31 Jan

‘She’s a sweet girl, and we are just totally different personalities and she is super, super sweet. A lot of people are local still, so, it’s been interesting to watch it kind of transform into what it has.’‘I’m just trying to express what my life is today compared to what it was,’ he explained. ‘If anything, I’m grateful because it ignited the addiction faster, and I’m not 40 years old with a family suffering through it.

Upon its conclusion, all cast members departed from the series and were replaced by a group of current students.

Earlier, back in mid-March, Amanda Seyfried had her stolen nude photos leaked and immediately took legal action against at this point!

Yup, ANOTHER cast member from the mid-'00s hit reality show is expecting a baby. As we previously reported, Whitney Port became the latest alum from the MTV hit to announce that she's expecting a little one. With all of these major milestones being hit by our favorite So Cal princesses, we are curious to see what the REST of navigate their careers and relationships in the city of El Lay.

The series was originally narrated by Lauren Conrad as she completed her senior year of high school.

It additionally placed emphasis on her classmates Lo Bosworth, Stephen Colletti, Morgan Olsen, Trey Phillips, Christina Schuller, and juniors Kristin Cavallari and Talan Torriero.