Vba open workbook without updating links

06 Jan

Michael wonders if there is a way to either suppress the message or set the default to "Yes" (to update links) so that the message never appears.

The answer is "yes" and "sort of." (Sounds confusing, right?

1: Selecting the file from the File, Open dialog (Excel 2010, 2013, 2016) Of course your file might be listed in the Most Recently Used files (MRU) list.

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Open (Path & Name & "Archive.xls") What I need to be able to do is to close the book and thats what I cant do. The Workbook Object Reference a Workbook object ie.a single workbook Open, Add, Copy & Close Workbooks Saving Workbooks Some often used Methods & Properties of the Workbook Object -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Workbook Object appears next below the Application Object in Excel VBA object hierarchy, and represents a single workbook within the Excel application.Count Property - returns the number of workbooks in the collection. Note that though most times the Active Workbook is the same as This Workbook, but it might not always be so.The active workbook can be different than the workbook in which the code is running, as shown by the following code example.