Updating your computer is almost complete turn off

14 May

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft has not pulled it, but had to fix settings changes and meanwhile has been rolling it out slowly.With Version 1155 as the backdrop, let’s take a look at some common issues that surface for many users with Note: An upgrade is different from an update.The way to deal with that may be to create an image so the process can be automated and repeated.But you can't ever expect to eliminate the root cause.me too, stuck almost 3 days , anyway today i get the solve the problem.i hold the on/off button about 30 - 50 second then it automotically off the computer . then it automatically off the computer liao, then i on again , it go to the normal screen liao, oh...yes!!

Tryied removing the battery it didnt switch on..... Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?My Computer is on auto update, yesterday as it was updating, i removed the battery and the plug, am not sure what is was updating, tried to switch it on when i got home it was showing black screen.If you want to keep the computer on because it takes a long time to boot after its been off put the computer into Standby or Hibernate instead of turning it off.In short, it is neither good nor bad to turn off the computer each day or for you to leave the computer on all day every day.