Updating text files using php Chat to porn sters for free

06 Nov

As for doing it through AS, you would need to create a javascript function and call it from within AS You can use Java Script to load a txt file via the Xml Http Request object (AJAX).You can code this yourself, or use framework like j Query, which makes the process easily, basically use 1 line of code.To make changes to files outside of the built-in Plugin or Theme Editor, use a text editor. Word processors change the quote marks to characters and may convert other characters, or bring in unwanted code; these changes will cause the file to break.There are also some HTML generator programs that should not be used, for similar reasons.

The problem has to do with never modifying the session variable.

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You can still use Java Script to stream the data to the PHP file, nonetheless. Is it really possible to execute php functions wiht Java Script?

If so, then AJAX is for little use, cause writing it in php is much easier, like will this pseudo code work (if i get a code for executing a PHP function in Java Script, of course): This should maybe read the text-file, and write a new (higer) number each second, if you could tell me how to execute php functions from Java Script. It's one of those funky tags where you need a closing one to render correctly.