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06 Oct

Have you ever embarked on a quest and not been sure where you need to go? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. This month features a few updates including a Quest Helper, Best Friend feature and most importantly, New Spells & Pets for each school!You can also click the magnifier icon on the mini-map to disable a couple quest tracking options, haven't tried it but I think unchecking the Quest POIs might get rid of arrows.I know that's not everything, but hopefully it's something.In either case, please submit your data file (this is double the fun, since it will contain all the errors ever collected by QH since installation or last purge, plus it will contain all the data needed to build the database)." Just because your error message is different, doesn't mean it's not the same issue.Please check to be sure you message is 100% different from anything there.OTHER NOTES: As always, please do not post errors or the contents of your Quest files into the comments section. If you get an error, please check for a similar error.If there is one already, please comment on that issue, otherwise go ahead and open a new issue.

It might be all the quests in game with this glitch, but only happens sometimes, it is weird and random.. Once it worked right in the Scotland Yard building but was bad again when I went back out.If you want to turn on or off the Quest Helper you can do so by going to the third panel in your Options tab (Esc on your keyboard) and selecting Quest Helper On or Off, or you can toggle it On and Off with the T key on your keyboard.As we endeavor to make it easier for you to identify your friends, we are proud to announce the new Best Friends Feature!Does it resolve itself if you log off the game and back on or if you turn off quest helper & back on? Reply here to tell us through email to [email protected] subject - "stuck quest arrow"every main quest in firecat alley, I just logged out and back in and it worked fine, sometimes logging doesn't work though.I believe a few quests in triton avenue too, and in krokotopia royal hall might want to be looked at.