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23 Apr

[crying and sobs] [Makes a collect call:] [Teairra:] Operator [Operator:] City and state please [Teairra:] Detroit Michigan, I need to make a collect phone call [Teairra:] Hello? [Teairra:] 313-652-5501 [Operator:] And your name [Teairra:] Teairra [Operator:] Please hold [Verse 1:] Damn right now my life ain't filled wit nothing but the drama (drama) Just had the worst fight ever with my mama (mama) She believes that you've got two or three on the come up Telling me you're loving me, but you're going home to them Damn I hope she's wrong cause boy I love the ground you walk on (walk on) She knows that your ties in the streets can be fatal (fatal) She's threatening to disown me if I don't let this go Lord can you help me before I blow I'm so afraid [Chorus:] I'm at the phone booth My mom just pissed me off I can't take no more Can you come and get me from the phone booth She's telling me to break up Cause you ain't gon' do nothing but hurt me Come get me from the phone booth It's raining, I'm crying Damn I hope he ain't been lying to me Come get me from the phone booth My mom just pissed me off I cant take no more Can you come and get me [Boy on phone:] Baby, baby are you alright? #1 According to the 32-year-old singer, he no longer owns a copy of his infamous Kim Kardashian sex-tape.if Teairra Mari needs to turn herself in and stand trial for the alleged Uber driver assault in which she is accused of beating her driver before taking off with his phone charger.If she doesn’t turn herself in, the star risks being arrested if she is seen in public.It looks like Teairra isn’t ignoring the charges against her and possibly didn’t even mean to miss her day in court.Instead, the VH1 star claims that she simply wrote the time down wrong and didn’t mean to miss the crucial hearing.

Since 2010, she has released several mixtapes including features from Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, and Gucci Mane. Productions, which developed her from the age of 16 onward. under the wing of Cudda Love (the man responsible for Nelly's success).

It’s better to be honest because if you keep it real from the jump, it wont be no crazy surprises. I just felt like in the promotional campaign, to go so hard…So I let the song speak for itself. I’m starting with the past and going into the present.

Teairra Marí (born Teairra Marí Thomas; December 2, 1987) is an American singer-songwriter, dancer, model and actress. Productions released Teairra's first album, the EP Get Away, which became a local sensation. Candy Tookes, a friend of Big Mike, introduced the pair to industry veteran Daryl Simmons in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Shakir Stewart, VP A&R at Def Jam, in an interview with Hit Quarters, "Teairra was a star when she walked into the room. We fell in love with her from day one." Marí worked with Jay-Z in his first collaboration project since becoming president of Def Jam Records, to create "Make Her Feel Good" along with producer Sean Garrett, the lead single from her debut album on Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam that reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #9 on the R&B charts. The second single "No Daddy" had a video that led to commercial success on MTV.

#2, A few years ago, he was politely shot down by Halle Berry, after the tried to ‘holla’ at her on a red carpet.

And #3, he has Pee Wee Herman’s theme song on his i Pod.