Speed dating music playlist

30 Dec

On Tuesday, February 14 at Old Chicago in Old Town Fort Collins starting at 6 p.m., meet other singles in Northern Colorado all looking for that special someone.

You’ll have 3 minutes to get to know the person across from you and decide if it’s love at first sight or if it’s a real-life “swipe left” situation. UPDATE: From February 6 until the event, we are only accepting male entries.

Thanks to HELP MUSICIANS UK for their support in putting tonight on.

Host Spencer Beckwith speaks with the co-director of UNM's Opera Theatre, Leslie Umphrey.

in 2007, when he was preparing to run the Marine Corps Marathon.

USA Track & Field, the national governing body for distance racing, had just decided to ban athletes from using portable music players in order "to ensure safety and to prevent runners from having a competitive edge." Rais resolved to hide his i Pod shuffle under his shirt.

You wouldn't buy a hardware MP3 player that only played a single Bjork song, no matter what else it did while that song played.

But for many fans, installing a app like that is a no-brainer.