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16 Mar

Last year, Planned Parenthood launched a national service for online chat and text that has been answering questions just like these.A few more interesting tidbits: Text PPINFO, orclick the Chat Now button on the Planned Parenthood website to be connected to someone who can answer your questions.Our goal is to provide you with a free online chat service that requires no registration.Just enter your username, birthdate, and sex to start chatting. Planned Parenthood reported at the American Public Health Association meeting that there have been over 264,000 chats and texts so far. There’s something going on down there that’s stressing you out. The service is staffed by trained sexual health educators who get back to you in real time.

"I’m unhappy, but I have to accept this life," said the blonde hair, green-eyed teenager.

At the moment, religious tribunals handle all so-called personal status issues related to Lebanon’s 18 officially recognised sects, including setting the age of consent.

In Muslim communities, it is usually 18 for men and between 14 and 17 for women; for Christian sects, the age varies between 16 to 18 for men and 14 to 18 for women."But families can obtain an exception from a religious tribunal to allow earlier marriages," Mr Karam said.

BAALBEK, LEBANON // At 13, Samiha left school and the home she shared with 10 people near Baalbek in east Lebanon to live in a tent with her new husband, a 41-year-old tradesman."I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t have a choice," she said of the marriage, arranged by her father.

"The first night, when I followed him into the bedroom, I was terrified.