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08 Sep

Activists have been advocating for a solution to Whiteclay and Pine Ridge’s alcohol problems and the many problems that come with it.Many of the children born in Whiteclay or nearby suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome, and an estimated one out of every four children born on the Pine Ridge Reservation suffer some degree of birth defect due to alcohol.

The average life expectancy on Pine Ridge is 50 years.An Oklahoma lawyer and documentary filmmaker who has campaigned for shutting down the beer stores said it was the first of many “peaks and valleys” in a long court battle, but that he remains optimistic.“No matter how crazy this is, it pales in comparison with the lawlessness and the sale of beer in the unincorporated town,” said John Maisch, a former liquor law prosecutor in the Sooner State.Maisch said that activists plan to be in Whiteclay, in extreme northwestern Nebraska, on Sunday and Monday to provide water, food and referrals to detox centers for the 15 to 30 street people who openly drink on the streets of the community, and then pass out in vacant lots and abandoned buildings or along the highway.“They’re going to want their fix. Thursday began with a ruling by Lancaster County District Judge Andrew Jacobsen, overturning a decision by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission last week to deny a renewal of the licenses of the Whiteclay beer stores.The 22 citations, recently filed by the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, represent a new offensive against the continued sale of beer in the unincorporated village.The equivalent of 3.5 million cans of beer a year are sold in Whiteclay, which has been blamed for the multiple alcohol-related woes across the Nebraska-South Dakota state line on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where alcohol possession and sales are banned.