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10 Aug

I'm not here,' he told Radar Online.'I was p**sed and I told him she wasn't there.

But I wasn't going to be malicious about it.' He said that his relationship with Oprah began to collapse at a New Year's Eve Party she hosted, and Stedman attended.

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You know what Iice I was going to say that and I didn't want to turn this thread into a crying session because rape is real to some people on this thread still. Some NL feminazi might come here and call you misogynist. When a woman says she's been out with only three guys, multiply it by at least 2. I don't knw d kind of Nigerian women D poster hangs out with.The Unity in Chicago describes itself: ' We are a spiritual community of light, love, laughter comprised of people of all faiths.Through creative thought, affirmative prayer and meditation,we bring good into expression in our lives and in the world.Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively that Stedman Graham's only child, daughter Wendy Graham, married an engineer named Bradley Kerwin Greene in March - and the couple had a beautiful baby girl named May.Oprah and Stedman are over the moon that Wendy, 40, has found happiness with the 27-year-old Trinidadian.