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27 Feb

According to a surprising new study, one in 100 adults has no interest in sex.And as awareness grows, more and more people, like Morgan, feel comfortable proudly identifying as asexual.

The study of historical romantic friendship is difficult because the primary source material consists of writing about love relationships, which typically took the form of love letters, poems, or philosophical essays rather than objective studies.

It was absolutely liberating, like bells ringing and doors opening, she says.

I felt like going up to everybody and saying, Theres a word for me!

Well I do think that there is someone out there for everyone..I know that there are certianly women out there that do not enjoy sex. you are meaning that you cant or wont have sex because the answer could be differant for each type.

I do wonder why a 35 yo male is seeking a non sexual life partner? Do you want the relationship to be completely non physical? Personally it would not be for me by any means, but I'm sure there are some people out there that just do not have a sex drive. really im amused never heard this before so excuse me ok if you cant have sex them im sorry to hear that and it will take you along time to find one captable im guessing.