John bolaris dating

07 Oct

Meet sexy former Playboy playmate Erica Smitheman, she is the stunning woman dating John Bolaris, who is a former weatherman with WTXF now working with Howard Stern, but what we want to hear is about his sexy vixen and her tweets and pics she posted from his twitter account.

55-year-old John Bolaris might not be consider to be a lucky man, yes, he was the victim of a international crime ring, where some Bar girls got him drunk, stole his credit car and charged it with .000, AMEX didn’t believed his story but at the end 17 people got arrested, sadly Bolaris lost his job at Fox 29, however he got a job with Howard Stern, his story was featured in an article at Playboy magazine and he got himself a Playboy bunny, Erica Smitheman.

Cool and kicked back with his espresso at a table outside of Joe Coffee in Rittenhouse, Bolaris, with his hair slicked back and not a wrinkle to be found on his suit, is put-together and easygoing -- not at all the unnerved, tragic character you might expect to meet based on blog-vertical headlines. They do a search and all the negative stuff comes up. Really, if you do a Google search, who’s going to go out with me?

Because John Bolaris found out, that he wasn't as big a celebrity as he was in New York.

Plus, WCBS has had problems with the ratings for its local newscast for at least 10 years, and is always trying to shake things up.

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