Intimidating trio

03 Jan

“Our first album got great reviews and a lot of stuff just happened from nowhere,” explains singer/bassist Tomas Høffding, “then our second album was kind of not so good and we felt that we'd been carried rather than having to work for it.” For singer/guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg, it was vital that the band take the template of those first two albums – the inventive instrumentals, the vibrant melodies – and craft them more into actual songs, and not just rely on them as a reason to play live.

“I think it's important for a band to develop,” he states matter-of-factly.

Enes Kanter isn't as physical as most his size, but he’s getting better at battling bigs and his mere presence makes it an intimidating trio of Thunder bigs that Billy Donovan can rotate in and out of the lineup.*The Thunder continue to dominate the backboards but will be challenged by the Spurs, who were good against the Griz.*New Spur La Marcus Aldridge finished Round 1 by posting a double-double in each of the two victories in Memphis.

He went 16 and 10 in Game 3 and was just one point off that in Sunday’s closeout game.

Bounding onto the stage sporting skeleton outfits, they shouted, “Hello, we’re the Klaxons! The truth is, Who Made Who realised they needed to get serious after their 2005 self-titled album propelled them into a seemingly endless bout of touring, with their 2009 follow-up, The Plot, suffering from the burn-out that left behind.It’s fun, fast, luxuriantly danced, anything but boring, and, thanks to Michael Howells’s rave-culture-inspired designs, it looks luridly terrific.Its climax may be decidedly premature, but how rare to be left wanting more.Be a star in your role, and for me, that’s high-energy, use my motor, just play hard. It’s a thankless job — he guards the other team’s biggest player, switches onto point guards in pick-n-rolls, gets yelled at by Le Bron about 10 times a game, sets about 100 screens a game for his teammates, and, most importantly, fights for every single rebound on both ends of the floor.Oh, and he n is an intangible characteristic that plagues teams after they win championships — upon reaching the mountaintop in the previous year, rising stars and younger role players get caught up in the spotlight and aspire to have a bigger role than they had the previous year.