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20 Nov

Assuming a wide stance and grasping the gun with both hands, he swung it from side to side, bellowing, “Back off! ” and dropped or dove behind cars, even as hundreds of other protesters were unaware of what was happening and continued with the rally against police killings.But a few protesters continued to walk calmly toward Strickland.Strickland is involved with a You Tube channel, Laughing at Liberals, which shows up at leftist protests to film people and put them online.Strickland held a tripod-mounted video camera in his left hand. Seconds later, facing the crowd, he pulled a Glock 27 from a holster on his right side.He stalks them and harasses them.”Kerensa said before anyone reached him, Strickland put his hand on his gun, which had been hidden under a rain jacket.“He swept the crowd a few times with the gun,” said Kerensa.“I saw him take out the regular clip and slot in an extra-capacity magazine.If you note I said "public circulation" - there are many rumors and speculation about what Glock has hidden in their factory in Austria that will never see the light of day. If there are any 1st generation G23's they have to be more rare than transferable G18's or 1st generation G19's.

The failure that an unnamed source from within the department reported is that the slide of the Glocks was falling off the front of the frame when dry fired.

According to company literature, the first Glock pistols imported into the U. This means for every two letter combination, there were up to 1,000 pistols produced with numbers from 000 to 999.

These guns had serial numbers beginning with a two letter alpha prefix of “AF” followed by a three digit number.

The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated pistol release in GLOCKs history.

announced the release of the new GLOCK single stack slimline 9mm pistol, the GLOCK 43.