Esri rest services not updating

27 Jun

On February 24, 2011 I posted a blog asking for opinions on Arc GIS 10, mainly due to all the bad reviews I see and hear.

The reflected intensities (echoes) are measured in d BZ (decibels of z). This app must update and add data to feature in an Arc GIS Server service.I know that with Arc GIS Java Script API is very easy but this app is build with Leaflet and others things and I can't change.Is there any way to auto-update the map service & REST in Arc GIS 10.1 for Server I tried the ADMIN API but its not the proper way ...also there are no settings for service definition file in 10.1. actually its map service created using sql query & the data base is updating daily.. Hi I am using Arc GIS ADMIN API for automatic service publishing Python module.