Error when updating sub report

15 Aug

to create my first report which includes a subreport.

It works fine in that when I run the master report I see my subreport included.

I've tried by removing multivalued parameter one by one from Sub report properties to check weather issue is due to this multivalued parameter or what!

error when updating sub report-25error when updating sub report-75

Are you using all these parameters for 5 diffreent subreports or are you spreading them over 5 subreports? I'm not sure if it has been patched yet, but it has been fixed in SSRS 2012.

In the subreport, I created a parameter called , its type is number and the value of it is static.

When I ran the report in the builder, the report will prompt for the and I will be able to enter the value and the report will show the data.

You're being really secretive about what exactly you're making, which makes it impossible to give you the help that you require.

Like I've old you before, you need to give a lot more information.