Double your dating sales letter

26 Oct

Armed with this information you can rapidly identify problems and opportunities - and do something about them.

While it's always wise to expect the unexpected, a well-constructed sales plan, combined with accurate sales forecasting, can allow you to spend more time developing your business rather than responding to day-to-day developments in sales and marketing.

Next week I’ll cover a bit about how I justify my rate, but the long and short of it is that I include other dollar figures I ever present my cost. And if my final cost (which I’ll talk about how I present in second) doesn’t outweigh the potential upsides I can deliver, I don’t take the project.

In the early parts of my proposal, where I list out what’s at stake if this project doesn’t get done and what’s to gain if it’s done right, I throw out numbers. And I tell the client this, and give recommendations on what to do instead (and let me tell you… But next week I’ll talk more about how I anchor my cost against the payoff, along with what to do what that numbers not clear or not determinable, so stay tuned for that.

Whether you’re giving a sales presentation in person or on paper, the process of overcoming the hurdles leading to buying resistance are much the same.

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Over the course of doing this now for about 16 to 17 years, we’ve created a wide variety of different funnels.

Episode Summary: In this episode, 16 year marketer, Gauher Chaudhry reveals his secrets and how he reverse engineers winning sales funnels out of the gate.

Plus he reveals his successful funnel formula in the supplements niche that generates 1.00 per customer.

The 12-step sales letter template is designed to overcome each of these objections in a careful, methodical series of copywriting tactics.

The 12 steps are: Each of these 12 steps add to reader’s emotions while calming their fears.