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13 Nov

Link to abstract: [2] Morgenstern, U., Daughney, C. (2012) Groundwater age for identification of baseline groundwater quality and impacts of landuse intensification – The National Groundwater Monitoring Programme of New Zealand. The ‘hidden streamflow’ challenge in catchment hydrology: A call to action for streamwater transit time analysis. This applies to both our research and commercial activities.The pretreatment methods that we mainly focus on are used to remove contaminant carbon from a range of sample types or to isolate a particular chemical fraction from a sample prior to combustion/hydrolysis, graphitization, and subsequent AMS C measurement.

All of the above enable the laboratory to provide a complete analytical service comprising advice on sample selection, preparation and analysis of samples, and Bayesian analysis of resulting C (and other) data.The laboratory currently analyses approximately 3500 unknown age samples per annum.Every effort is made to provide a very personal service, rather than simply being a commercial unit generating results for a largely unknown user base.You will find the first few Spectrum issues in our next update. was contacted earlier this year by Helmut Felzmann, German Shroud researcher and author, who asked if I would be willing to go to the University of Arizona Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona and make new photographs of the remaining samples they used to date the Shroud in 1988.The Workspace helps you keep the team motivated on long-term milestones when progress is made visible.