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03 Feb

As Ugly as They Wanna Be showcases the band in all their juvenile glory -- from their surprise hit version of Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle" to their tight cover of Black Sabbath's "NIB" to "Busybee" -- pretty much the best Guns N' Roses song Guns N' Roses never recorded -- all the hits are here, present and accounted for.

If only this compilation didn't completely ignore Motel California, the album UKJ made after their split with Mercury, it would be the perfect greatest-hits package.

Perfect for that time of life when all one wants to do is go around breaking things.

Though routinely flagged as a hair band, their twin-guitar attack and fondness for funky, bottom-end heavy riffing also places Ugly Kid Joe among the forefathers of the late-'90s rap-metal explosion.

Over the course of three albums and an EP, Ugly Kid Joe managed to parlay their pronounced Guns N' Roses fixation into something of a career.

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She also takes care of her daughter, Reba, and granddaughter, Hagar. Traumatized by seeing his father murdered during a skirmish over the family farm, Macon Jr. In the process, he has become an emotionally dead slumlord.

After his last news conference, I didn’t snap out of it for a week.

Lately, with the mess in Iraq growing and the number of dead rising, Smirky was asked what he thought about it all.

Spiritually dead and mentally enslaved by apathy and materialism, Milkman embarks on a quest for his inheritance, which he initially believes to be Pilate's gold.

Instead, through a series of mishaps and coincidences, he finds himself on a spiritual quest for his identity.