Dating analytical men who is hulk hogan dating 2016

10 Jan

But I have also experienced the many downsides of being analytical.Perhaps you have experienced one or more of these curses of the analytical thinker yourself.The very traits that make an analytical person poor with people make them good with computers.And that is perhaps why IT is loaded with socially inept information junkies who would prefer to hang out by themselves instead of attending a party. This has served me well in my analyst/programmer jobs over the years. (And if you started having flashbacks to the last time you were working at the command prompt and had to do a traceroute, you are an UBER-geek, dude.)Hard skills, black & white skills do nothing for us in the arena of social intuition. But the same skills that let you diagnose a routing problem on an IP WAN are not going to do DICK for you in a social situation.

I've been co-hosting young alumni events for name-brand schools for long enough to know that these kids come out a little lopsided (which sounds so much better than "socially awkward," don't you think? All they need is a little tune up, or a little dating textbook like The Tao of Dating for Women or The Tao of Dating for Men, to get them going -- plus a little practice.

We all have a tendency to dive into the intellectual as an escape from learning the emotional.

Some men are not able to be emotionally present in a relationship.

The average person may envision IT as the home of the geek.

I prefer to think of IT as the kingdom of the analytical thinker.