Dating after breast cancer young women

07 Jan

Lead researcher Dr Lawrence Kushi said: 'We found that women with the highest levels of vitamin D levels had about a 30 per cent better likelihood of survival than women with the lowest levels of vitamin D.'Dr Yao added: 'Because vitamin D status may be related to mortality due to all causes that are not necessarily specific to cancer, it is important to consider breast cancer-specific survival and other outcomes.Women who live in areas with high air pollution may be at higher risk of developing breast cancer, research suggests.This means we have more information about treating and living with cancer during pregnancy than ever before.Cancer itself rarely affects the growing baby directly.The UK is notoriously bad at controlling air pollution, with 37 cities across Britain persistently breaching legal limits of air toxins.

That risk jumps to between 50 percent and 85 percent if the woman is genetically predisposed to the disease.

Because only one to five percent of all breast cancers are IBC, finding doctors exp...

Credit: Thinkstock You’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The gene, which affects men and women, is passed from one of the parents to the offspring.

A woman with one of the BRCA genes has a significantly increased risk of breast and ovarian cancers during her lifetime.