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07 Dec

After each exposure to salt water, rinse the watch carefully in fresh water then dry it.Condensation: A sudden change in temperature may cause condensation to appear under the crystal.Still conservative, yes, but really well-finished, and not as utilitarian as some of their quartz offerings from before.When I found out I had won the Officer’s Day/Date Mechanical, I was truly excited.I thought they looked good on other people, but never looked right on my wrist.A few years ago, Victorinox did a bit of re-branding and came out with a number of very handsome mechanical watches.These attachments are stowed inside the handle of the knife through a pivot point mechanism.The handle is usually red, and features a Victorinox or Wenger "cross" logo or, for Swiss military issue knives, the coat of arms of Switzerland.

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During the late 1880s, the Swiss Army decided to purchase a new folding pocket knife for their soldiers.

The international warranty is valid only if the warranty certificate is duly completed, dated and stamped by an Authorized Victorinox Swiss Army retailer.

If you purchase your watch from an unauthorized retailer, charges may apply when having your watch serviced.

If you are interested in Swiss gold just go to Swiss and check the gold box and hit search.

If you want to see all the 23 jewel watches, just enter the number 23 in the jewels box with nothing else.