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03 Jan

The crater is so large that scientists believe the impact came close to breaking the moon apart.

Parallel grooves and striations leading away from the crater indicate that fractures were likely formed as a result of the impact.

People apparently say that about them all the time. They say one of their most popular segments that listeners still talk about was at a station in North Bay, Ontario, when Jamie was coming off six weeks maternity leave and doing the show from home.

Her husband Dan, meanwhile, was on location in Antigua.

Compared to Earth's own Moon - which orbits at a distance of 384,403 km away from our planet - Phobos orbits at an average distance of only 9,377 km above Mars.

is somehow both the best and worst claymation video you'll ever see.

she is not a big fan of when two different types of food touch, haunted apartments and dirt bags.

Most of the popular announcers are expected to share EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of their fabulous lives, because making human, personal connections is so important these days. So in Edmonton, we learn about Terry Evans’ luxurious house, Lesley Primeau’s dog, the misadventures of Paul Brown and daily bickering Bickersons banter from not one, but TWO married morning show couples. It’s clear they’re gearing up for some reality show-style public matrimonial spectacle – and just watch their ratings go through the roof when that happens. They spend a lot of money on those billboards, and it works. The Internet hasn’t made human interaction more impersonal. It’s made people eager to share every little detail of their lives with friends and strangers alike, the more the better – and that’s the new reality of radio.

The only limit to what most of these folks reveal about themselves on the air – aside from the CRTC code of conduct – is that you can only hear what’s going on. Jamie and Dan, hosts of Lite 95.7’s morning show, are for the moment Edmonton’s only on-air married couple.