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20 Mar

Operating under the premise that many Syrians, Iraqis and others seeking asylum here are naive about the predilections and pitfalls of the European boudoir, Germany’s Federal Center for Health Education has gone live with a sexual education website for adult migrants.Using highly graphic diagrams and images, the 6,000 site outlines everything from first-time sex to how to perform far more advanced sexual acts.Any guy with a mind to and a reasonably good game can bag a married woman who is interested in fucking around.I’ve done it more than a few times, from picking up women at bars and later learning that they’ve got a hubby at home to nailing married coworkers.

In addition to this there are 3 hot backstage reports from the shootings of the latest Private productions of "Pirate Video Deluxe", "The Matador Series" and the first film of the new VIRTUALIA series." [less] Read the rest of this entry ...

After a rash of sexual assaults allegedly committed by suspects including asylum seekers on New Year’s Eve, the Germans have been on a mission to re-educate migrants, especially males, about sexual norms in the West.

In Munich, public pools, for instance, published cartoons warning migrants not to grope women in bikinis.

I like doing married women because they’re less likely to try to pin you down than single women – at least at first.

I guess I also have to admit that I’m always attracted to the forbidden, and I love fucking married women.