Brittany raymond and trevor tordjman dating

26 Apr

However, those episodes were previously shown in Poland, Spain, Portugal and Italy before they were shown in Canada.

"In season four, after competing at Internationals in Miami, A-Troupe has made a name for themselves in the dance world, putting The Next Step Dance Studio on the map.

Known for playing the role of Riley on the Canadian drama-reality series The Next Step, she is also a co-teacher at the Advanced Company Team at Joanne Chapman's School of Dance.

She runs the You Tube channel Jo and Britt with Joelle Farrow.

The more I think about the show, the more answers I have than questions. T's exclusive program consist of letting kids just hang around his studio all day and what's in it for him when studio time is at such a premium? T sternly crossing his arms and playing referee in disputes? The creators of this show know that it's a cash cow so long as they populate it with an array of diverse vanilla personalities and produce a queue full of songs on i Tunes where they can get a juicy second stream of revenue.

In season 3 of The Next Step, her character was involved in a serious relationship with the character played by Trevor Tordjman.He danced in a music video for singer Victoria Duffield.When she was younger she loved baseball, but she had trouble doing both baseball and dance because it was hard to balance the two, and she was very close to choosing baseball, but ultimately chose dance.This girl of Canadian nationality has been on all the sequels of the series and is also currently involved in a country tour.Little information is available about Brittany’s education and childhood.