Berry d dating halle heavy

08 Jan

"I went to the doctor and he said, ‘You know those high blood sugar numbers you’ve been dealing with since you were 36? You’ve got type 2 diabetes, young man.'" Hanks added that the condition is controllable, but he joked that he couldn't get back down to his high-school weight of 96 pounds. Diabetes makes heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and other serious health problems more likely. Diabetes wasn't the only thing that raised his risk for ticker trouble: King had been a heavy smoker, and smoking hurts the heart.

But by taking care of his diabetes (and quitting smoking), King helps his ticker and the rest of his body.

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“For four years David was part of my life, every day, every hour,” she told People magazine soon after the split.“I do keep telling myself that this is one of life’s lessons and as long as I can learn something from it, then all the pain will be worth it.” The actress and the Canadian hunk met while shooting a Versace ad campaign.The couple had a daughter, Nahla, now 7, before splitting in 2010.Berry met Martinez in 2010 and married him in 2013.One highlight of the rocky relationship was the infamous Thanksgiving Day brawl between Martinez and Aubry.