Belarus woman for dating and marriage

28 Oct

At the same time those women are grown according to the traditional type of education that is stating that the family is always supposed to be on the first place and on the top of all the priorities.

Considering the fact that the quantity of the girls from the noisy capital of Belarus number more than two million of people it is amazing that this is a perfect mixture of a modern city girl and of a mature woman.

There are girls in Belarus, who live in the countryside and are those who live in the city.

Belarusian women are quite stunning with long blonde hair, beautiful penetrating eyes, and tall stature.Of course there are a lot of hard things that are linked with the bureaucracy but none of those things is equal to the difficult situation in Russia.While being in Minsk, the majority of the ladies that you will meet- will be having blond hair and blue eyes which is a very traditional thing for the ladies who are originally from Belarus. the person with whom it would be desirable to live all the life.I have a 5-year daughter who needs to be surrounded by love and true examples for growth, and she can charm anyone;) Optimistic, easy going, intelligent, sensitive, and sincere girl.