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07 Mar

"It is hoped that the information obtained from these tags will provide the first data on where adult speartooth shark live, with this data critical to obtaining a better understanding of threats to this endangered species," CSIRO researcher Dr Richard Pillans says in a news release.Scientists originally identified the species in in the 19th century; it was not seen again until 1982, when another juvenile specimen was caught.We require the written consent of every person who has parental responsibility before a passport can be issued to a child. persons under 18 years of age who have never married, cannot obtain a renewal form from us and will need to use a full passport application form instead.

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This passport will be physically cancelled unless you require it in the meantime for urgent travel.

Since introducing the National Bursary Awards, ANTA has awarded more than 0,000 to support students and the natural therapy profession.

ANTA will again be providing another round of bursary awards in 2017 which will mark our 12th year and will highlight the achievement of awarding more than 0,000 to students to assist them with their studies and careers in natural therapies.

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