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28 May

You can’t change this, but if you want to open them in a new tab you can accomplish this by holding down command (on Mac) or control (on Windows) while clicking a link.At the same time we made another oft-requested change.It's quite annoying and, while I could just manually delete these added web addresses each time, I am hoping someone out there has a solution that will stop this from happening as i have a lot of jumps and will constantly be updating the page.Does anyone know why this addition happens and how to stop it?!But what we could all use are some vivid examples of what this looks like in action.Although I honestly haven’t tried an online dating site myself, I’ve got plenty of friends who’ve taken the leap and developed brand loyalty for these social networks – so much so that they share some pretty great blog posts from the sites with me from time to time.

In HTML, links are defined with When the preceding line is posted in a blog, the word Google is a clickable link that leads to the Google Web site.The same thing happens if you put a relative link in your main template, because the archive pages are also created from your main template. Fix one is to use a "base href" tag to tell the browser to start every relative url with the path to your main directory. If you have the separate archive index page style of archives, include a base href in the section of your archive template as well.The next time you publish or post & publish, all your relative links will start from the directory where you have your main page, whether they are in that directory, or in your archives directory.Among a sea of overly-abbreviated crap smattered with emoticons, the How About We blog articulates dating advice in a funny, thoughtful and well-spoken way.It’s written with its core audience of 20-something singles in mind and always offers timely content.