American dating a british girl christian speed dating md

25 Jan

We’re ladylike, we’ve got good table etiquette, we’re well mannered and respectable.

On top of this, we can speak to anyone and will cope well in any social situation.

Whether it’s a mysterious French man, a sexy Italian or an alluring American, we can’t help but resist someone who surprises us with his foreign articulation. 4) We Have Great Taste In Music We come from the country that produced The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Adele and Coldplay – so it’s a given that our music taste will be piping hot!

Photo: Petras Gagilas Most of my adolescent memories involve sitting in the park with my pals, getting shit-faced on a sharing-size bottle of White Ace.

Anyway, such interracial relationships are common today.

While typing that sentence literally makes me gag now, it proves that we British girls have a pretty high tolerance for alcohol.

Whenever I’m making arrangements to meet up with someone, it’s very rare that I’ll suggest a coffee — it’s usually a ‘boozy lunch’ or meeting for drinks in the evening.

We like to bring our good friend Alcohol into all of our social activities, and why wouldn’t we?

We’re far less snooty and miserable about the London rush when we’re drunk.