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22 Sep

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In the first instance, I told him that I thought this was not special and he broke up with me and in the second instance, I broke up with him when it was going well because I thought he would sooner or later. I have had a break from dating and men for about 4/5 months now thinking it would be wise to just clear my head and become happy again.

However, it feels as if I have tried so hard and achieved so little – it is disheartening – and now I’m concerned that I will never be able to find love again which is sad as I would very much like a family and children.

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Then we always have someone who's always at the ready for a last-minute dinner, or down to take some crazy new workout class, or up for a last-minute trip out of town. And amid all this bonding and fun, we talk earnestly about how we really hope the other finds someone special, because gee, don't we all deserve it. I'm sure you're hurt and confused that your bestie — who in this case just happens to be of the opposite sex — is suddenly so unavailable.

And then they do find someone, and strangely, it kind of sucks. It probably makes you question his value of the friendship, not to mention has you feeling a bit lonely and lopsided without your wingman.

But I sincerely have never once wanted to date or even be casually involved with George. We talk a lot about codependency in romantic relationships. This codependency can easily happen in friendships, too.

As weird as it sounds, it's fun when our best friend is single alongside us.