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03 Jun

The movie Bronson loosely follows the true story of the infamous "most violent prisoner" in the UK -- a man named Michael Peterson who later changed his name to Charles "Charlie" Bronson on the advice of his bare knuckle boxing promoter.

The movie, released in Britain in 2009, is likely to be of interest to those who work in forensic or correctional settings, as well as those with an interest in antisocial behavior and juvenile delinquency.

You'll hardly believe these whores are amateurs the way they handle a cock! Cast: Danica, Jessica, Kierra Raquel, Payton, Star This time it's the teens turn to show what they've got!Corrections Officer Maggie Green has a big problem on her hands..step-son, Jake. So Maggie makes an arrangement with the warden to bring Jake in with two of the black men who run the black gang in prison. She wants her step-son left alone until he's out on parole..she's willing to do whatever that takes!She slams the door in their faces as she coddles Bronson in their middle class home.As an adult, Bronson steals a relatively meager amount of money from a register at his work place, and gives some to his girl friend.