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25 Nov

But there’s an important difference: The Open Sky Card doesn’t require a credit check. Im going to make this as simple and fast as possible, because i dont really write reviews about anything, but in this case i will because opensky has been good to me and because opensky raised my credit 100 dollars more without me depositing or doing nothing.

That makes it an excellent fallback option for people with severely damaged credit standing. I kept making the payment on time, and my limit was increased twice, hence my credit score keeps increasing. Heres the story : I started with no credit, i applied at 3 different websites because i thought i was going to get approved, but i knew nothing about credit cards, so when i got denied i kept applying another one 2 weeks after, and got denied again, then applied again in a week then got denied again.

Worse, however is the lack of competency -even in those one can understand. I got another casenumber (but this one already closed was the condition...).

I wish I spoke foreign languages more fluently, but I don't. Enough casenumbers to go to Fair Trading now to 'expose' the casenumber scam HP has setup to confuse everybody. Cannot restart it 'cause I dont have CD with Vista....

· You will pay all taxes and regulatory fees even if your rate plan is inclusive of taxes and regulatory fees.

· Metro PCS may terminate your Service if you fail to timely pay for your Service or violate the Terms and Conditions of Service in any way, including abuse of the Service or violations of applicable laws.

Here's a sample: Me: i need you to delete this "ct.willi [email protected]" account because it is not mine.please don't change my password. I asked a customer support chatter for a job at Zappos, too, and "Margret" told us, "We are all about the sunshine here in Vegas! You can go on our site at the bottom of the page and apply for a job through Jobvite." Although "Margret" began her chat with a piece of script, she obviously veered off into unscripted, plain-spoken English, fairly quickly. Here's Williams' Amazon transcript: You are now connected to farah from Me: Hello. This is still associate with my email address and is not my account. Me: Account holder is Chris Williams farah:your first and last name plese Me: First = Chris Last = Williams farah:okay let me check this out for you okay? ctwilli [email protected] is your account am I correct on this? You also agree to the terms and conditions of service and use related to any feature(s) you may have selected or that may be included in your Rate Plan.By accepting the Metro PCS Terms and Conditions of Service, you agree to the following (see full Metro PCS Terms and Conditions of Service for all terms): · You waive your right to a jury trial in disputes with Metro PCS.WE COULD CARE LESS AND DON'T HAVE THE TIME FOR A BUNCH OF CRYBABIES". To reach this layer of horror, you need to call the corporate office in Palo Alto.I received a FORM letter thanking me for taking the time to contact the CEO. I'd like to send out a group e-mail to all HP stock owners urging them to read this forum. They change the name from Customer Assistance to Customer Follow Up every week or so to confuse you..tell them you wish to file a phone complaint about the phone service you received. S/He will..ready...assign you a new and separate case number from all the others.